Testimonials & Success Stories

Wings Consulting has helped establish children’s ranches, as well as girls’ and boys’ homes, throughout the United States – and even abroad in Latin America and other areas of the world. Nearly 1,000 organizations in the United States and abroad have benefited from this outreach.

Read their stories below to learn more about the global impact of Wings Consulting.

Heritage Ranch

Eddie’s time with us during his visit to Heritage Ranch was invaluable. God used him to help us see a way forward more clearly that could help us maximize this critical moment in our organization’s story…

Rainbow Children’s Home

Over the last 20 years, Eddie Staub has been a mentor and friend to our organization. Working with Eddie has always been a great experience, and he has always made himself available whenever we requested assistance for specific projects or challenges…

Homes of Hope for Children

In about a 12-hour period, Wings was able to assess where we were as a ministry, then provide us with an extensive outline of where our focus needed to be. They also gave us administrative and organizational tools to help us face our overwhelming challenges…

Seamark Ranch

I asked Eddie to come to Seamark Ranch to give us an assessment of our operation, to give his thoughts on what we do well and areas of opportunity for improvement. As he went through the process of talking with staff and board members, he communicated extremely well and intentionally.

Chestnut Mountain Ranch

We reached out to long-time friend and mentor, Eddie Staub, at The Wings Center at Eagle Ranch. Eddie met with our key staff and board on our campus to obtain a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. With fresh eyes, Eddie developed a high level evaluation of our program…

Liberty Youth Ranch

Our relationship with Eagle Ranch began over 15 years ago. We had a vision and dream to provide a safe, sustaining home and family to children in crisis in the state of Florida. Participating in The Wings Initiative was the first step. The influence, wisdom and experience shared by Eddie Staub and his staff have…

Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranches

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have towards Eagle Ranch. We had an amazing visit by Eddie Staub to Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranches, and it was a pleasure to have someone with his knowledge look at our ranches.

Amy Washington

My name is Amy Washington, and I live in Uganda, Africa. I am a 27-year-old single adoptive mother of 7 young children and foster mother to 12 teenage pregnant and nursing mothers, and their 9 babies. I am Executive Director of Kupendwa Ministries, a non-profit organization working in the maternal child health sector seeking to…

The Joy House

The Blessing of Wisdom By Steve Lowe, Executive Director, The Joy House In 2004, The Joy House began building a relationship with Eagle Ranch, and it is hard to count all the ways we have benefited since that time. Most importantly, Eddie Staub has provided wisdom and counsel throughout our development from his perspective of leading a similar ministry. He and the Ranch…

Soaring Wings Ranch

“I’m truly grateful for the Wings Initiative, as the knowledge gained from it has been a great resource for starting Soaring Wings Ranch, and as a result children are benefiting greatly.” Andrew Watson Founder and Executive Director Soaring Wings Ranch Conway, Arkansas

Edgewood Children’s Ranch

Eddie’s visit was greatly appreciated by my team, and they were excited to hear his perspective on my leadership and the direction the organization is headed.