Meeting Community Needs

The James W. Webb Wings Center grew out of a long-held principle of Eagle Ranch: Need drives vision.

Mental health care access is a top need in our community. Numerous studies have confirmed a shortage of mental health resources, and the need is felt each day as counseling waiting lists continue to grow. Pastors and spiritual directors are seeking meaningful spiritual retreat experiences. And for those who are working to help others, there is a great need for training and mentoring that will come alongside you to help carry the load.

The Wings Center offers outpatient counseling, spiritual retreats, and organizational consulting to nonprofits throughout the world. Located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, The Wings Center is an extension of the mission of Eagle Ranch: to make life better for children and families, positively impacting communities for the Glory of God.


Dedicated in memory of James W. Webb

James “Jim” W. Webb left an indelible mark on Eagle Ranch. His deep love and concern for the children and mission of the Ranch led to over three decades of service on the Board of Directors. Jim was instrumental in initiatives promoting excellence and vision. His long-term wish was to see Eagle Ranch expand its reach to more children and families in our community. The Wings Center is the fulfillment of that wish. Today, Jim’s wife, June, and their family continue Jim’s legacy of support and advocacy of The Wings Center and Eagle Ranch.