Outpatient Counseling

A central initiative of The Wings Center is to provide outpatient counseling space and services for individuals, couples and families who live in the surrounding community of Eagle Ranch. Primary services include:

  1. Marriage and Family Counseling
  2. Individual and Group Counseling
  3. Counseling retreat experiences
  4. Evaluation and Assessment
  5. Marriage Intensives (Click Here)

Wings Consulting

The Wings Center is headquarters to Wings Consulting, a global initiative to equip others to impact their communities. We offer guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are in a startup or improvement stage. Our consulting services include:

  1. Program evaluation
  2. Consultation with program area experts
  3. Training summits
  4. Ongoing mentoring


Spiritual Retreats

The Wings Center offers programming, on-site retreat space and experiences for individuals, groups and families, with a particular emphasis placed on serving parents, pastors, counselors, business leaders, and clients of Wings Outpatient Counseling and Wings Consulting. Primary services will include:

  1. Educational programming and experiences
  2. A chapel and sacred space for private retreats
  3. Structured “Soul Care” programming for pastors
  4. Spiritual formation opportunities that include spiritual direction, intensive retreats, and taught retreats
  5. Both directed and non-directed retreats for individuals and small groups

Our relationship with Eagle Ranch

The Wings Center is located next door to Eagle Ranch and shares a core mission of making life better for those it serves. Founded in 1985, Eagle Ranch has become a trusted resource for families in crisis. The Wings Center broadens the continuum of services to the community, serving individuals of all ages, married couples and families. It also expands services to include outpatient counseling, retreats and organizational consulting. Both organizations will work in tandem and share resources to enhance our ability to serve community needs.