Success Story: Chestnut Mountain Ranch

Chestnut Mountain Ranch has built a strong reputation for being an effective program and displaying stewardship at all levels, but building a ministry in an economically challenged region like West Virginia has presented unique challenges. As we enter our the third planned phase of our vision and development plan, the Chestnut Mountain Ranch management and Board of Directors have felt a growing burden for guidance and assistance with our next steps.

We reached out to long-time friend and mentor, Eddie Staub, at The Wings Center at Eagle Ranch. Eddie met with our key staff and board on our campus to obtain a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. With fresh eyes, Eddie developed a high level evaluation of our program. He focused in on our organizational structure, governance, program services, development plan, and financial practices.

Prior to this assessment, the Chestnut Mountain Ranch team was wrestling with directional decisions that felt more like road blocks, and now these same areas are goals to pursue. Eddie has had 40 years in this space, and it would be wise for any established or newly formed home and school for children to reach out to The Wings Center for counsel.

Steve Finn
Executive Director
Chestnut Mountain Ranch


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