Success Story: Heritage Ranch
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Eddie’s time with us during his visit to Heritage Ranch was invaluable. God used him to help us see a way forward more clearly that could help us maximize this critical moment in our organization’s story. I appreciated his humility, sincerity, and expertise: he genuinely cares about our success and wants to partner with us in our shared mission to impact kids and families. We are grateful for his investment!

Loren Ransom
Chief Operations Officer
Heritage Ranch

The time that Eddie spent with our senior staff and our Board of Directors was invaluable. With only a few interviews, and his vast experience running a residential program, he was able to assess our organization and provide a list of priority initiatives to consider engaging in. Our Board and staff came into alignment during his brief time with us, on the value of these initiatives, and has begun to implement them at our non-profit. We are already seeing the benefit of his time spent with us in our governance, finance, marketing, development and program processes. I would highly recommend Eddie to anyone who wants to create a more effective and sustainable foundation for their organization.

Vicki Ellis, LCSW, BACS
Founder & Chief Development Officer
Heritage Ranch


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