Success Story: The Joy House

The Blessing of Wisdom

By Steve Lowe, Executive Director, The Joy House

Eddie’s friendship and counsel have been a tremendous asset to me personally, and the ministry of The Joy House for many years.

Through Wings Consulting, Eddie recently completed a high-level evaluation for our ministry identifying key areas of growth and development. His heart for Christ, heart for children, and his depth of wisdom and knowledge from all his years of experience leading Eagle Ranch make Eddie uniquely gifted for this role. The Wings Consulting evaluation will be an invaluable resource to myself, our board and staff as we set priorities for the ministry.

If you are part of leadership of a residential children’s home seeking to better serve children and families, I can’t recommend Eddie and Wings Consulting highly enough as a resource to help you in your mission.


Wings Consulting is a global consulting and mentorship program of Eagle Ranch to equip others. It offers guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are getting started or retooling their programs. From advising and strategic planning to sharing best practices, a wide range of support is offered.

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