Success Story: Homes of Home for Children

The timely visit from Eddie Staub’s Eagle Ranch outreach program, Wings Consulting, was ordained by God and essential to addressing the emergency issues and challenges our ministry was facing. After the loss of several key staff members – including our Founder and Executive Director – Homes of Hope for Children was under severe challenges just to survive.

A totally new board and an interim executive director – all volunteers – took on those crisis management challenges. God and the children, along with Eddie’s visit, enabled us to quickly end the downward spiral and start the road to healing and recovery.

In about a 12-hour period, Wings was able to assess where we were as a ministry, then provide us with an extensive outline of where our focus needed to be. They also gave us administrative and organizational tools to help us face our overwhelming challenges. This constructive visit with Wings was also another sign from God that He was in control. Three weeks into the new regime, we were able to hire a circuit court judge to take over the role as Executive Director.

We are totally indebted to Eddie and Wings, as their calm approach, assurance, guidance, and total understanding of children’s ministries have equipped us to move forward in the right direction.

Richard Giannini
Board Member
Homes of Hope for Children



Wings Consulting is a global consulting and mentorship program of Eagle Ranch to equip others. It offers guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are getting started or retooling their programs. From advising and strategic planning to sharing best practices, a wide range of support is offered.

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