Success Story: Liberty Youth Ranch

Our relationship with Eagle Ranch began over 15 years ago. We had a vision and dream to provide a safe, sustaining home and family to children in crisis in the state of Florida. Participating in The Wings Initiative was the first step. The influence, wisdom and experience shared by Eddie Staub and his staff have penetrated every stage of our existence from our founding to where we are now. Today, Liberty Youth Ranch is a residential care leader in our state.

Eagle Ranch’s doors and hearts are always open to visits, calls and emails from our management team. Likewise, Eddie personally allocates his time to travel, visiting The Wings Initiative alumni firsthand — furthering the investment and generational reach of Eagle Ranch here in Florida and around the world.


Wings Consulting is a global consulting and mentorship program of Eagle Ranch to equip others. It offers guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are getting started or retooling their programs. From advising and strategic planning to sharing best practices, a wide range of support is offered.

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