Success Story: Seamark Ranch
Seamark Ranch_back of truck pic

I asked Eddie to come to Seamark Ranch to give us an assessment of our operation, to give his thoughts on what we do well and areas of opportunity for improvement. As he went through the process of talking with staff and board members, he communicated extremely well and intentionally about what he was looking for and what he was trying to accomplish. The recommendations that Eddie gave have been extremely helpful in getting us to focus on “keeping the main thing, the main thing.”

Eddie has also been consistent with following up and talking through things as we go through the implementation phase of some of his key takeaways. I expect that we will be asking Eddie to consult with us again as we build a culture of continuous improvement.

Greg Voss
Chief Executive Officer
Seamark Ranch



Wings Consulting is a global consulting and mentorship program of Eagle Ranch to equip others. It offers guidance to children’s programs and other nonprofits who are getting started or retooling their programs. From advising and strategic planning to sharing best practices, a wide range of support is offered.

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